Arira Design Announces Availability of its HMC Evaluation & Development Board

Customers can use the Arira HMC Evaluation & Development Board to get a jumpstart designing Hybrid Memory Cube technology into their next product platform.

San Jose, CA, January 3, 2014:  Arira Platforms, a division of Arira Design, has announced the upcoming release of its Hybrid Memory Cube Evaluation & Development Board, the industry’s first evaluation kit to support the development of products based on Micron’s Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) Technology, Arira’s evaluation kit will allow electronics developers to get a jumpstart designing Hybrid Memory Cube technology into their next platform innovations.

An industry breakthrough, HMC uses advanced through-silicon vias (TSVs)—vertical conduits that electrically connect a stack of individual chips—to combine high-performance logic with Micron’s state-of-the-art DRAM. HMC’s abstracted memory enables designers to devote more time to leveraging HMC’s revolutionary features and performance and less time navigating the multitude of memory parameters required to implement basic functions.

Key Benefits of Arira’s HMC Evaluation & Development Board:

  1. Windows based GUI with flexible test environment allows customers to demonstrate the unique performance characteristics of HMC technology, including review of HMC bandwidth, latency, power and signal quality.
  2. Development Platform for HMC Controllers & Custom Logic
  3. Platform can be used as a starting point for custom RTL development
  4. Arira Platforms provides design services for faster realization of your HMC product available in two forms:
  • Licensing and/or customization of existing design files: HMC controller RTL and Board Schematics & Layout files
  • Customized hardware platform for your product needs designed and delivered

Each Evaluation Kit Includes:

  • HMC x4 link evaluation board in industry standard ATX form-factor
  • Board schematics in .pdf
  • FPGA images including HMC controller and 10/100/1000Tx Ethernet interface
  • Altera .qsf project file for easy setup of custom FPGA designs
  • HMC Performance evaluation GUI for Windows 7 and Windows 8 machine

Key Features of Arira’s Evaluation & Development board include:

  1. ATX form-factor with ATX power connector enabling installation in standard PC chassis
  2. Four Altera Stratix V FPGAs
  3. Linear Technology power monitoring components and software for measuring power consumption on a “per rail” basis
  4. Power measured for entire board
  5. Power measured for each FPGA bloc

To ensure delivery of your HMC Evaluation & Development Board by Q1, 2014, please contact

About Arira Design / Arira Platforms

Arira Design is a multi-disciplined hardware design team with a focus on board and system level design services. Our engineering teams specialize in the development of high speed electronics, including networking equipment, servers, storage devices, mobile handheld devices and more.  Arira Platforms is the product focused division of Arira Design.  Arira Platforms’ primary objective is to design and market industry-first products based on in-depth design knowledge in specialized markets such as HMC as well as other leading edge technologies.

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