Featured Partner: Computer Methods

DavelTracy, CA. based Dave Lieberman and his staff at Computer Methods have been a key component of our success over the past few years. With a focus on providing software engineering services for Windows, Internet, Android and iOS* applications, Computer Methods has helped Arira reach critical milestones for our clients.

Current project: Hybrid Memory Cube Controller Micron Technology / Arira Platforms, San Jose, CA (2012 to Present)

Services provided for the Hybrid Memory Cube controller: Developed a C# application to measure performance metrics of memory test-patterns running in the HMC controller. The application uses threading to download histogram data from four Altera Stratix VFPGAs connected to the HMC SerDes and report bandwidth, latency and power. Developed custom NIOS code in the FPGAs to support data transfer over Ethernet. The Dashboard tool authenticates users and meters the publisher’s applications.

 hmc bandwidth power

Individual and aggregate link bandwidths with power consumption during memory pattern test


Memory access latency histogram for Link 0


ENVIRONMENTS: Windows Platforms, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C#, Xamarin, VB, ASP.NET, WPF, LINQ, Visual C/C++ MFC, Device Driver DLLs, Windows DDK, Classic ASP & HTML, CSS, MS SQL Server, ODBC, Access, DAO, ADO, API and SDK, VBX and Custom Control DLLs, Borland C/C++, Delphi, Pascal, Telerik, Quinn Curtis Graphics,
ObjectWindows (OWL), Paradox, ObjectPAL, PC BIOS, 8086 Assembler, MASM, Modula-2, FORTRAN

About Computer Methods: Computer Methods is a dba for Physio Systems, Inc — a California corporation founded in August of 1986. Physio Systems originally began as a medical manufacturer of physical therapy testing equipment. Under the name Computer Methods, the company has expanded its focus to offer business and medical software consulting services.

Contact Dave and his team at: www.computer-methods.com

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