Hybrid Memory Cube Evaluation & Development Board


Arira is playing a key part in developing HMC Technology by designing the Hybrid Memory Cube Evaluation & Development Board

The Hybrid Memory Cube Evaluation Board gives you the ability to develop and evaluate Hybrid Memory Technology.

Features of our board include:

  • ATX form-factor with ATX power connector enabling installation in standard PC chassis
  • Four Altera Stratix V FPGAs
    • Each FPGA connects to a full width HMC link (x16 lanes) at 10Gbps
    • Each FPGA uses internal NIOS processor for memory control
    • Each FPGA has local flash for maintaining programming image
    • Each FPGA provides a 1GbE connection for management/control
    • Each FPGA has USB interface for fast programming
  • Linear Technology power monitoring components and software for measuring power consumption on a “per rail” basis
  • Power measured for entire board
  • Power measured for each FPGA block

What is Hybrid Memory Cube?

Hybrid Memory Cube is a revolutionary innovation in DRAM memory architecture that sets a new standard for memory performance, power consumption and cost.

  • HMC Combines high-speed logic process technology with a stack of through-silicon-via (TSV) bonded memory die.
  • HMC delivers dramatic improvements in performance, breaking through the memory wall and enabling dramatic performance and bandwidth improvements – a single HMC can provide more than 15x the performance of a DDR3 module.
  • The revolutionary architecture of HMC is exponentially more efficient than current memory, utilizing 70% less energy per bit than DDR3 DRAM technologies.
  • Hybrid Memory Cube’s increased density per bit and reduced form factor contribute to lower total cost of ownership, by allowing more memory into each machine and using nearly 90% less space than today’s RDIMMs.

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Engineered by:  Craig Paulsen

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