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If you don’t have a full set of product requirements, we can help complete them by providing an architectural study. During the architecture phase, we will help you define your product requirements (if you haven’t already done so), review and suggest major components that fit your requirements, and plan the design of your product. Common deliverables from the Architecture phase include:

Our product design services can begin once your product requirements have been clearly defined. Leveraging our years of experience and industry-best engineering techniques, we will create a PCBA design that meets your requirements and is compatible with your manufacturing partner’s capabilities. We will collaborate with industrial design, mechanical engineering, and firmware and software design teams to create an electronic design that meets the electrical size, cost, and functional requirements, and is also optimized to work as a finished product.

Common deliverables from the Design phase include:

Whether you have already selected a manufacturing partner, or you would like us to find one for you, we can help facilitate the creation of your electronics by ensuring the contract manufacturer has all the information necessary to build your design.

Common deliverables from the Prototype phase include:

  • Costed Bill of Materials inclusive of manufacturing feedback
  • Completed PCBA ready for test

On most projects, we can provide basic hardware checkout and functional tests in our lab space.  We’re also happy to spend time onsite at your facility working with your team members during the ongoing checkout of the electronic design and product functionality.

Common deliverables from the Functional Test phase include:

Before mass production, there are a series of tests that can be run on your product to validate the integrity of the design. Some of these tests are required to legally sell your product, i.e., FCC or CE. Other tests are nice to have as they validate the robustness of the product design, i.e., DVT. And the necessity for some tests varies depending on the nature of your product, i.e. UL. Arira’s team can provide guidance on what tests are appropriate for your product as well as help facilitate the testing at an appropriate lab site.

Common deliverables from the Product Test phase include:

You have completed all of your validation testing, and are ready for volume manufacturing. We can work with the contract manufacturer to create a plan that fits the cost and volume targets of your product. We’re happy to spend time at the factory to ensure the build and test process completes smoothly.

Common deliverables from the Production Build phase include:

  • Functional test plan for use in production factory
  • Design of any custom fixtures which aid in the production test process

While our core focus is on the design and development of board and system level hardware, we can also help with other services. Over the past 30 years, we have built relationships with strong engineering partners in FPGA, ASIC, Firmware, Software, Mechanical, Thermal, and other disciplines. No matter your product development needs, there is a good chance we have either internal resources or partner relationships that can help out. Here are a few examples of some of the additional services we provide:

  • FPGA and ASIC development: both internal staff and partner relationships
  • Firmware and Software: partner relationships
  • Industrial Design, Mechanical and Thermal Engineering: partner relationships

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