Architecture, Design & Development

dv066008Definition of system architecture is where a typical design project at Arira begins. System architecture may consist of the definition of single or multiple custom PCAs, off-the-shelf hardware, firmware, mechanical packaging or a combination of any of these system elements.

During the architectural phase the product definition is refined and system elements mapped into an architectural specification. The specification will typically include the system and sub-system block diagrams, major system components, interconnections, interfaces and functional description. Arira works very closely with our clients to ensure the architecture meets the expectations of the MRD, PRD, industry specifications, silicon requirements and cost and manufacturability targets.

Upon architectural closure the refined architectural specification will then be used to guide the downstream development activities. Since the specification has been created from the beginning around the client’s requirements, the development phase proves to be more efficiently executed and target milestones more predictable, resulting in a high quality product in a shorter timeframe.

    End-to-end Product Development Phase

  • Requirement Definition – Real-time collaboration – Review & discussions of MRD / PRD
  • Major Component Selection – Interfaces / interconnects – Power consumption – Cost of goods – Lead time estimate
  • Design Specification Authoring – Block diagram – PCB floor planning
  • Review and Sign-Off
  • Schematic Entry – Symbol Generation – Schematic Drawing – Timing Analysis – Netlist Generation – BOM Generation
  • Board Layout – Footprint Generation – Placement – Routing – Gerber Generation
  • Programmable Logic – Device Sizing – Component Selection – VHDL, Verilog Coding – Test Bench Coding – Simulation
  • Product Engineering – Fabrication / Assembly House Selection and Support – Assembly Instruction Generation – Component Second-Sourcing
  • About Us

    Arira was founded in 2003 by three experienced design engineers who wanted to build a company focused on designing and building electronic systems within extremely tight schedules, giving clients access to both knowledge of design as well as connecting them to a first rate project management team. Drawing on skill sets from the Networking, Telecom, Storage Networks and Handheld Devices markets, Arira has grown into a highly regarded electronic design services firm. Our focus continues to be on system design services, prototyping, and project management.
  • Our Solutions

    Arira provides superior quality design and development for a variety of electronic products and industries. Arira's extensive experience in complex designs and proven methodologies are ideally suited for the following markets: Telecommunications Systems: Data Networking; Storage Area Networking; High Performance Computing; Handheld / Mobile Devices; Consumer Electronics; Peripheral Cards