Thermal Analysis

Circuit board designers are constantly pushing heating and cooling boundaries with higher densities, as well as higher power in smaller packages.  Thermal analysis is a key step to realizing and solving problems that might arise from these new design features.

Thermal Analysis considerations may include:

  • Designing in the proper heat sink
  • Coming up with minimum vent holes
  • If necessary, using chassis as heat sink and adding external fins
  • Maximizing thermal radiation out of the chassis
  • Exploring thermal vias under small components which dissipate to the board
  • Finding minimum size enclosure for feasible thermal solution
  • Creating summary report including results and recommendations (get link to summary report from Farzam)

Deliverables may include:

  • Report/presentation with assumptions:
    • descriptions of the unit and components modeled
    • color temperature and velocity plots
    • thermal design solution specifications and recommendations for further improvements.
    • Flow and temperature maps
    • Heat sink designs and their specifications
    • Thermal vias and internal heat spreader specifications
    • List of recommendations for further improvements
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